Francesco Corona

Dept. of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering | School of Chemical Engineering
Dept. of Computer Science | School of Science
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Ongoing research themes

  • Modelling, estimation, and control of biochemical systems
  • Verification and safety of biochemical control systems
  • Optimal and robust control, graph-theoretic control

Research projects

  • Process control tecnologies for water reuse (2019 | BR, FR, SE, FI)
  • Model-based data science, with applications for environmental systems (2019 | BR)
  • Advanced machine learning and information visualisation for environmental systems (2014 | BR)
  • Advanced data management and informatics for optimal operation and control of wastewater treatment plants (2012 | FI, SE, ES)
  • Research on automation technologies for wastewater treatment plants in the era of data explosion (2012 | FI)
  • Assessment and modelling of Baltic ecosystem response (2009 | FI, DE, SE, LT, PL)
  • Developing chemometrics with the tools of information sciences (2007 | FI)

October 2021.